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Concrete is our Canvas!


Polyaspartic and Epoxy Coatings for Residential and Commercial Use

If you're a Residential or Business client, rely on CTi-Lehigh Valley to provide you with a number of solutions for your needs. Whether you're looking to incorporate your company's logo at the entrance of your building or your commercial warehouse needs a chemical-resistant floor that can withstand forklift traffic, we use CTi coatings that will work for you.

CTi provides a full line of polyaspartic and epoxy floors that provide a tough, chemical-resistant floor that's easy to clean, dust-free, and offers your garage, basement, entry, automotive service bay, warehouse floor, kitchen, or any other residential and industrial areas a sharp, clean look.

Our polyaspartic and epoxy floors also withstand car and airplane traffic and heavy machinery to keep your  area looking great. We can also add your company logo and other designs to ensure your floor is unique to your home or business. Our commercial applications are designed to withstand heavy foot and vehicular traffic, and ensure a great look for years.

F1 Fast Floor Finish
The CTi F1 Fast Floor finish offers cutting edge nano-technology, which combines the most desirable traits of epoxy and urethane coatings. This finish provides quick curing time that dramatically shortens downtime during the application process returning savings of time and money to the client. The F1 is an outstanding interior coating that offers superior penetration and bonding strength, and will offer years of abrasion, impact, and wear resistance.

Reflective Epoxy Flooring
With our new reflective floor product we can achieve a new effect with concrete floor coatings and stains that will impress and amaze you. The new system can create dimensions that were impossible before. This product allows us to not only replicate the look of copper, silver, nickel, bronze but add your only personal flair with amazing color options.

Not only will your space look amazing but the floor will help naturally brighten the area. Using light reflective colors can help save money by reducing the need for artificial light and amplifying the amount of natural light through reflection. The flooring system is just as durable as our other stains and coatings and is perfect for office building, stores, industries spaces, and much more. Imagine the wow factor the Reflective Flooring will bring along with added value to your home.

By combining our proven technology with the epoxy coatings and stain and adding a metallic pigment the possibilities are truly endless. See the gallery page for our color palate allows for your imagination to run wild.

Imagine! Your countertops can have the look of marble or granite without the exorbitant costs. With the Eurobond System, floors, backsplash and countertops can have a coordinated look.

RESTORE your countertops and tabletops with an advanced liquid polymer coating that will provide a rich-durable transformation to your kitchen, dining room and bathroom! It is easy with Eurobond a countertop overlays system.

Eurobond may be applied on various surfaces including: laminate, tile, wood, stone, synthetics (like Corian or Silestone) - even if they are currently in a worn or damaged condition. For new construction, we apply Eurobond on high density fiber board. Think about Eurobond for a floor, dining room or kitchen table, end tables, coffee tables, bathroom sinks, fireplace surrounds or other feature in your home - as well as countertops.