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Concrete Sealer

Concrete is a porous material that readily absorbs liquids. In freeze-thaw climates, the expansion of frozen liquids can destroy the surface of unsealed concrete. Water, oil, salt, fertilizer, and other chemicals can discolor and damage unsealed concrete. 

Also, concrete should be sealed for specific purposes such as stain repellence, dust reduction, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance or to maintain an attractive appearance. Whether new or old, sealer is the most important investment one can make in regards to concrete maintenance. 

We have several sealer options including:

- Satin                                                                                                

- Glossy

- Solid Color Satin

- Solid Color Glossy

- Industrial Strength Abrasion and Chemical Resistant Sealers

- Epoxy

- Urethane / Polyurethane


Water vapor issues? Unwanted water penetration? New foundation being poured? CTi has the answer! We will prepare your concrete substrate and apply  AQURON® 2000 Concrete Preservation Treatment™ which:

  • Densifies and hardens concrete
  • Stays pliable, allowing concrete to breathe
  • Adds density and bonding strength
  • Waterproofs
  • Resists freeze-thaw spall off
  • Increases thermal resistance
  • Preserves imbedded steel
  • Retards or halts alkali silica reactivity
  • Nontoxic
  • No voc/vos content
  • Makes ice removal easier
  • Clean equipment using only water
  • Retards dusting and pitting
  • Neutralizes internal corrosives
  • Protects floor treatments

Aquron® 2000™ is a non-hazardous, user friendly, permanent, clear treatment/preservative sealant solution for new or old concrete installations that includes a highly reactive catalytic agent in waterborne proprietary colloidal silicate base that produces a silica-hydro gel below the surface and inside concrete’s matrix that will seal the matrix and significantly preserve its embedded steel. Aquron® 2000™ prevents peeling, cracking and loss of bond caused by capillary moisture or internal chemical reactions that can cause saponification. Aquron® 2000™ will arrest or at least severely retard concrete being deteriorated by alkali-aggregate or alkali silicate reactivity, and the potential will be virtually eliminated.

For technical specifications or MSDS information, click here.

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